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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

An Easy Way For Data Extraction

An Easy Way For Data Extraction

There are so many data scraping tools are available in internet. With these tools you can you download large amount of data without any stress. From the past decade, the internet revolution has made the entire world as an information center. You can obtain any type of information from the internet. However, if you want any particular information on one task, you need search more websites. If you are interested in download all the information from the websites, you need to copy the information and pate in your documents. It seems a little bit hectic work for everyone. With these scraping tools, you can save your time, money and it reduces manual work.

The Web data extraction tool will extract the data from the HTML pages of the different websites and compares the data. Every day, there are so many websites are hosting in internet. It is not possible to see all the websites in a single day. With these data mining tool, you are able to view all the web pages in internet. If you are using a wide range of applications, these scraping tools are very much useful to you.

The data extraction software tool is used to compare the structured data in internet. There are so many search engines in internet will help you to find a website on a particular issue. The data in different sites is appears in different styles. This scraping expert will help you to compare the date in different site and structures the data for records.

And the web crawler software tool is used to index the web pages in the internet; it will move the data from internet to your hard disk. With this work, you can browse the internet much faster when connected. And the important use of this tool is if you are trying to download the data from internet in off peak hours. It will take a lot of time to download. However, with this tool you can download any data from internet at fast rate.There is another tool for business person is called email extractor. With this toll, you can easily target the customers email addresses. You can send advertisement for your product to the targeted customers at any time. This the best tool to find the database of the customers.

However, there are some more scraping tolls are available in internet. And also some of esteemed websites are providing the information about these tools. You download these tools by paying a nominal amount.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Scrape amazon and price your product the right way – A use case

Scrape amazon and price your product the right way – A use case

So you built a product that you want to sell through Amazon.

How do you price your product?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Millions of products are sold through amazon.  a lot of people make their living selling through Amazon. One of the biggest mistake people do in Amazon is that they price their product the wrong way. Sometimes they sell overpriced products, sometimes they sell the underpriced product. Both situations are toxic for the business.

We recently worked with a company that helps small businesses sell the products efficiently through amazon and other marketplaces. One of the key things they are doing is helping people with pricing their product the right way.

What I learned from them is that price is a relative term and a lot of people does not understand it. Pricing is a function of the positioning of  your product in the market.

We need to collect the data using  a technique called web scraping to understand how to position the product. You can get the  data in a CSV file which can be used for analysis.

1) What is the average price of a comparable product?

Understanding the pricing  strategy of your competitors products  is the first step in solving the problem. This can give you a range in which you can price your product. You can get the pricing data by scraping amazon

2) Is this a premium product?

People always pay a premium price for a premium product. What makes a product premium? – A product is considered premium only when the customer believe it is worth the price. Excellent marketing and branding are the ways to position your product as a premium product. You can get the relevant data by scraping amazon.

3) What are the problems with your competitor products?

Your competitor products might be having some defects. Or they might not be addressing a relevant problem. You have every chance of success If you are solving a problem that your competitor doesn’t. You can find these problems by analyzing the product reviews of your competitors. You can get review data by scraping amazon.

By analyzing data you can reach at a point where your profit margin looks healthy and pricing looks sensible. Buyers buy the value, not your product. Differentiate your product and position it as a superior product. Give people a reason to buy and that is the only way to succeed.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tapping The Mining Services Goldmine

Tapping The Mining Services Goldmine

In Australia, resources booms tend to come and go. In a recent speech, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Ric Battellino identified five major booms over the last two hundred years - from the gold rush of the 1850s, to our current minerals and energy boom.

Many have argued that the current boom is different from anything we've experienced before, with the modernisation of the Chinese and Indian economies likely to keep demand high for decades. That's led some analysts to talk of a resources supercycle. And yet a supercycle is still a cycle.

By definition, cycles are uneven, with commodity prices ebbing and flowing in response to demand, economic conditions and market sentiment. And the share prices of resources companies tend to move with them.

Which raises the question: what's the best way for investors to tap into the potential of the mining boom, without the heart-stopping volatility that mining stocks sometimes deliver?
Invest in the store that sells the spade

Legend has it that the people who really profited from Australia's gold rush weren't the miners who flocked to the fields, but the store-owners who sold them their spades and pans. You can put the same principle to work today by investing in mining services and engineering companies.

Here are five reasons to consider giving mining services companies a place in your portfolio:

1. Growing demand

In November, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics reported that mining and energy companies plan to invest a record $132.9bn in new projects, a 58% increase from the previous year. That includes 72 projects at an advanced stage of development, such as the $43bn Gorgon LNG project and the $20bn Olympic dam expansion. The mining services sector is poised to benefit from all of them.

The sector also stands to benefit from Australia's worsening skills shortage, with more companies looking to contractors to provide essential services in remote locations.

2. Less volatility

Resource stocks tend to fluctuate with commodity prices, which are subject to international economic forces and market sentiment beyond the control of any individual company. As a result, they are among the most volatile companies on the Australian sharemarket. But mining services stocks, while still exposed to the commodities cycle, tend to be more stable.

3. More predictable cash flow

One reason for the comparative volatility of commodity companies is that their cash flow can be very variable. In the development phase, they need to make significant capital expenditure, often leading to negative cash flows. And while they enjoy healthy revenues in the production phase, that revenue may diminish as a resource is exhausted, unless they make further investments in exploration and development.
In contrast, mining services companies require comparatively little capital investment, with more predictable cash flows over the long-term.

4. Higher dividends

Predictable cash flows and lower capital expenditures often allow services companies to pay out more of their earnings as dividends, making them more appealing for income-oriented investors.

5. No need to pick winners

Many miners are highly leveraged to demand for a single commodity, whether it's gold, coal, copper or iron ore. Some are reliant on a single mine or field. Whereas services companies generally have a more diversified customer base.

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