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Friday, 27 February 2015

What is Data Mining? Why Data Mining is Important?

Searching, Collecting, Filtering and Analyzing of data define as data mining. The large amount of information can be retrieved from wide range of form such as different data relationships, patterns or any significant statistical co-relations. Today the advent of computers, large databases and the internet is make easier way to collect millions, billions and even trillions of pieces of data that can be systematically analyzed to help look for relationships and to seek solutions to difficult problems.

The government, private company, large organization and all businesses are looking for large volume of information collection for research and business development. These all collected data can be stored by them to future use. Such kind of information is most important whenever it is require. It will take very much time for searching and find require information from the internet or any other resources.

Here is an overview of data mining services inclusion:

* Market research, product research, survey and analysis

* Collection information about investors, funds and investments

* Forums, blogs and other resources for customer views/opinions

* Scanning large volumes of data

* Information extraction

* Pre-processing of data from the data warehouse

* Meta data extraction

* Web data online mining services

* data online mining research

* Online newspaper and news sources information research

* Excel sheet presentation of data collected from online sources

* Competitor analysis

* data mining books

* Information interpretation

* Updating collected data

After applying the process of data mining, you can easily information extract from filtered information and processing the refining the information. This data process is mainly divided into 3 sections; pre-processing, mining and validation. In short, data online mining is a process of converting data into authentic information.

The most important is that it takes much time to find important information from the data. If you want to grow your business rapidly, you must take quick and accurate decisions to grab timely available opportunities.

Outsourcing Web Research is one of the best data mining outsourcing organizations having more than 17 years of experience in the market research industry. To know more information about our company please contact us.

Outsourcing Web Research is one of the best data mining outsourcing organizations having more than 17 years of experience in the market research industry.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Data Extraction Services - A Helpful Hand For Large Organization

The data extraction is the way to extract and to structure data from not structured and semi-structured electronic documents, as found on the web and in various data warehouses. Data extraction is extremely useful for the huge organizations which deal with considerable amounts of data, daily, which must be transformed into significant information and be stored for the use this later on.

Your company with tons of data but it is difficult to control and convert the data into useful information. Without right information at the right time and based on half of accurate information, decision makers with a company waste time by making wrong strategic decisions. In high competing world of businesses, the essential statistics such as information customer, the operational figures of the competitor and the sales figures inter-members play a big role in the manufacture of the strategic decisions. It can help you to take strategic business decisions that can shape your business' goals..

Outsourcing companies provide custom made services to the client's requirements. A few of the areas where it can be used to generate better sales leads, extract and harvest product pricing data, capture financial data, acquire real estate data, conduct market research , survey and analysis, conduct product research and analysis and duplicate an online database..

The different types of Data Extraction Services:

•    Database Extraction:

•    Reorganized data from multiple databases such as statistics about competitor's products, pricing and latest offers and customer opinion and reviews can be extracted and stored as per the requirement of company.

•    Web Data Extraction:

•    Web Data Extraction is also known as data Extraction which is usually referred to the practice of extract or reading text data from a targeted website.

Businesses have now realized about the huge benefits they can get by outsourcing their services. Then outsourcing is profitable option for business. Since all projects are custom based to suit the exact needs of the customer, huge savings in terms of time, money and infrastructure are among the many advantages that outsourcing brings.

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Extraction Services:

•    Improved technology scalability
•    Skilled and qualified technical staff who are proficient in English
•    Advanced infrastructure resources
•    Quick turnaround time
•    Cost-effective prices
•    Secure Network systems to ensure data safety
•    Increased market coverage

By outsourcing, you can definitely increase your competitive advantages. Outsourcing of services helps businesses to manage their data effectively, which in turn would enable them to experience an increase in profits.

Outsourcing Web Research offer complete Data Extraction Services and Solutions to quickly collective data and information from multiple Internet sources for your Business needs in a cost efficient manner.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Ancient Basic Tools to Green Light Laser: The Evolution of Mining

Mining is the process of extracting minerals and geological materials from the earth. Miners help recover many elements. These materials are rare as they are not grown, agriculturally processed or artificially created. Precious metals, coal, diamonds, and gold are just some of these materials. Mining also helps man to unearth non-renewable energy source like natural gas, petroleum, and even water. The job of miners can be difficult and risky. Thanks to efficient mining equipment, the task is a lot easier now.

People of the ancient time made use of the earth for many purposes. One way to make a living at the time is by mining. Equipment were not fully developed but people managed to unearth many precious stones and different kinds of metals. They use these minerals and elements in making basic tools for hunting and warfare. High quality flints found in masses of sedimentary rocks were in-demand in many parts of Europe. People used these flints as weapons during the Stone Age.

Ancient Egyptians were among the first to successfully get minerals from earth. Their advanced level of civilization made it possible for them to produce quality mining tools. They mined malachite and gold. Malachites are green stones used for pottery and as ornaments. The Egyptians started to quarry for other minerals not found in their soils. They head to Nubia, a part of Africa. There they used iron tools as mining equipment. That was the time when fire-setting was used to extract gold from ores. This method involves setting the rock containing the mineral against another rock, heat it and douse it with water. This was the most effective mining method that time.

The Romans also played an important part in the history of mining. They were the first to use large scale quarrying methods. An example of this is the application of volumes of water to operate simple machinery and remove debris. This is the birth of hydraulic mining.

The demand for metal increased dramatically in the 1300s. This was the time when swords, armors, and other weapons were in-demand. For this reason, miners looked for more sources of iron and silver. There was also an increase in the demand for coins that caused shortage of silver. Iron, on the other hand, was utilized in building constructions. With the high value of these materials, machineries and other mining equipment became in demand in the market.

These machines and equipment were the mothers of the present mining tools that we have today. Miners today use bulldozers, explosives and trucks. More advanced form of mining tools includes the use of green light laser serving as saw guides and machine alignment. With all these modern equipment, miners now have a safer and faster process to break down rocks and even carve out mountains. All these materials are produced and applied with the principles of engineering.

As of today, there are five major mining categories. They are coal, metal ore, non-metallic mineral mining, oil and gas extraction. Oil and gas extraction is among the biggest industries in the world today.

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Online Retail - Mining for Gold

Online retailers live in an ever-changing environment, and the ability to stay competitive is the difference between doing well and doing nothing. In today's fast paced internet market place, if you aren't using web scraping, you are missing a key component to growing your business.

Data Mining

Data mining your competition's prices and services and making sure your prices and services are similar, or even lower, is what makes the difference. Why should your customer choose you if they can get the same product somewhere else for less? What data you collect and how often you update it is also another key ingredient to success.

Extract Website Data

Web scraping allows you to gather information from your competition and use it improve your position in the market. When you extract website data from your competitor's website, it allows you to conduct business from a position that doesn't involve guess work. The internet is an environment that is constantly being updated and changed. It is vital that you have the ability to have up-to-date information on what others in your market are doing. If you can't do this, you really can't compete.

Application of Information

When you know what your competitors are doing all the time, you can keep your business a little more competitive than they are. When you have information such as monthly and even weekly price variations in the market and what products and services are being offered, you can apply that information to your own pricing matrix and ensure a competitive edge in your market.

An Army of One

Web scraping gives you the ability to see what is going on in the market at all times. You can monitor just about anything you choose with a web scraping service. Many online retailers are very small operations and they don't have the resources to constantly monitor each competitor's website - so engaging a web scraping service is like having your own marketing and research team working for you night and day to keep tabs on them. You choose what it is you want to know, and your research team goes to work. Simple.

Staying Ahead of Trends

Having the ability to recognize trends is the key to any business, especially on the internet were information is so fluid. The business that can identify a trend quickly and take advantage of it will always stay one step ahead. That's why big corporations have teams dedicated to researching market trends and predictions. If you can see where something is going, you can always get ahead of it. That's what web scraping can help you do - identify those trends in your market so you can get in ahead of the pack.

A Helping Hand

Sometimes running your own online retail business can be a daunting and lonely ordeal. Even those that have a great deal of experience with the internet can feel lost at times. A web scraping service is a tool you can use to help yourself in such times. Web scraping is automated and precise, and it gives you the ability to have vital information delivered to you in a manner you can understand and use. It's one less thing to worry about - and the information you get from data mining is what every business owner actually should worry about - what the competition is doing? With a web scraping service, you can concern yourself with other things - like making more profits.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

There is No Need to Disrupt the Schedule to Keep the Kitchen Canopy and Extraction System Clean

After taking over a large and beautiful stately hotel its new owner quickly realised that the kitchen extract system would not be straightforward to maintain because the duct work for the extract system was somewhat ancient and therefore would be difficult to clean.

A prestige hotel needs to maintain a high level of hygiene as well as to minimise the risk of a kitchen fire.

So, if replacing the entire system is not an option what can the new owner do to find a solution that would meet exacting standards of cleanliness and ensure that the risk of a fire starting in the system is minimised while ensuring that the cleaning does disrupt the operation of the hotel and restaurant as a business?

Using an experienced specialist commercial cleaning service to asses the establishment, the types of food cooked, how and at what level of intensity is the first step.

It is difficult without this information to advice on how maintenance should be carried out.

The frequency of the cleaning cycle for a canopy and its components depends not only on the regularity and duration of cooking below but also on the type of cooking and the ingredients being used.

Where  the kitchen use is light canopies and extract systems may only need a 12-month cycle for maintenance and cleaning. However, in a busy hotel, kitchen activity is most likely to be heavy and the cleaning company may advise a three or four-month cycle.

Grease filters and canopies over the cookers should ideally be designed, sized and constructed to be robust enough for regular washing in a commercial dishwasher, which is the most thorough and efficient method of cleaning them yourself.

It's important to make sure when re-installing filters that they are fitted the right way around with any framework drain holes at the lowest, front edge. Of course, grease filters are covered with a coating of grease and can therefore be slippery and difficult to handle. Appropriate protyective gloves should be used when handling them.

The canopies and their component parts should be designed to be easy to clean, but if they are not, provided the cleaning intervals are fairly frequent, regular washing with soap or mild detergent and warm water, followed by a clean water rinse might be adequate. If too long a period is left between cleans, grease will become baked-on and require special attention.

No grease filtration is 100% efficient and therefore a certain amount of grease passes through the filters to be deposited on the internal surfaces of the filter housings and ductwork.

Left unattended, this layer of grease on the non-visible surfaces of the canopy creates both hygiene and fire risks.

Deciding on when cleaning should take place, and how often, is something an experienced specialist cleaning company can help with. The simplest guide is that if a surface or component looks dirty, then it needs cleaning.

Most important, however, is regular inspection of all surfaces and especially non-visible ones. The maintenance schedule for any kitchen installation should include inspections.

Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers

A regular maintenance and cleaning schedule is not impossible even in the kitchen of a hotel with an antiquated canopy and duct system with the help of a specialist commercial cleaning company to advise on how to do it without disrupting the work flow, as writer Ali Withers discovers.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

The Trouble With Bots, Spiders and Scrapers

With the Q4 State of the Internet - Security Report due out later this month, we continue to preview sections of it.

Earlier this week we told you about a DDoS attack from a group claiming to be Lizard Squad. Today we look at how
third-party content bots and scrapers are becoming more prevalent as developers seek to gather, store, sort and present
a wealth of information available from other websites.

These meta searches typically use APIs to access data, but many now use screen-scraping to collect information.

As the use of bots and scrapers continues to surge, there's an increased burden on webservers. While bot behavior is
mainly harmless, poorly-coded bots can hurt site performance and resemble DDoS attacks. Or, they may be part of a rival's competitive intelligence program.

Understanding the different categories of third-party content bots, how they affect a website, and how to mitigate their impact is an important part of building a secure web presence.

Specifically, Akamai has seen bots and scrapers used for such purposes as:

•    Setting up fraudulent sites
•    Reuse of consumer price indices
•    Analysis of corporate financial statements
•    Metasearch engines
•    Search engines
•    Data mashups
•    Analysis of stock portfolios
•    Competitive intelligence
•    Location tracking

During 2014 Akamai observed a substantial increase in the number of bots and scrapers hitting the travel, hotel and hospitality sectors. The growth in scrapers targeting these sectors is likely driven by the rise of rapidly developed mobile apps that use scrapers as the fastest and easiest way to collect information from disparate websites.

Scrapers target room rate pages for hotels, pricing and schedules for airlines. In many cases that Akamai investigated, scrapers and bots made several thousand requests per second, far in excess of what can be expected by a human using a web browser.

An interesting development in the use of headless browsers is the advent of companies that offer scraping as a service, such as PhantomJs Cloud. These sites make it easy for users to scrape content and have it delivered, lowering the bar to entry and making it easier for unskilled individuals to scrape content while hiding behind a service.

For each type of bot, there is a corresponding mitigation strategy.

The key to mitigating aggressive, undesirable bots is to reduce their efficiency. In most cases, highly aggressive bots are only helpful to their controllers if they can scrape a lot of content very quickly. By reducing the efficiency of the bot through rate controls, tar pits or spider traps, bot-herders can be driven elsewhere for the data they need.

Aggressive but desirable bots are a slightly different problem. These bots adversely impact operations, but they bring a benefit to the organization. Therefore, it is impractical to block them fully. Rate controls with a high threshold, or a user-prioritization application (UPA) product, are a good way to minimize the impact of a bot. This permits the bot access to the site until the number of requests reaches a set threshold, at which point the bot is blocked or sent to a waiting room. In the meantime, legitimate users are able to access the site normally.

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Application of Web Data Mining in CRM

The process of improvising the customer relations and interactions and making them more amicable may be termed as Customer relationship management (CRM). Since web data mining is used in the utilization of the various modeling and data analysis methods in detecting given patterns and relationships in the data, it can be used as an effective tool in CRM. By the effectively using web data mining you are able to understand what your customers what.

It is important to note that web data mining can be used effectively in searching for the right and potential customers to be offered the right products at the right time. The result of this in any business is the increase in the revenue generated. This is made possible as you are able to respond to each customer in an effective and efficient way. The method further utilizes very few resources and can be therefore termed as an economical method.

In the next paragraphs we discuss the basic process of customer relationship management and its integration with web data mining service. The following are the basic process that should be used in understanding what your customers need, sending them the right offers and products, and reducing the resources used in managing your customers.

Defining the business objective. Web data mining can be used to define and inform your customers your business objective. By doing research you can be able to determine whether your business objective is communicated well to your customers and clients. Does your business objective take interest in the customers? Your business goal must be clearly outlined in your business CRM. By having a more precise and defined goal is the possible way of ensuring success in the customer relationship management.

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