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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Brief Look at the Mining Industry

A lot of what you'll see around you if you take just a brief moment to look is manmade. And how much of it is metal? Your mobile phone components, parts of the pen you're clutching on to, the bracelet you're wearing. The answer is loads. Metals, precious stones, coal, uranium, rock salt and other elements are all obtained from within our Earth. To get to these precious resources, man developed the mining industry.

Stone and metal mining have been around since pre-historic times. This has been revealed by early excavations and archaeology.

Nowadays, mining continues to be a complex and lengthy process that involves not only the resource extraction itself, but also extensive planning procedures.

Economic analysis of the profit potential, environmental assessments and reclamation of the land are of major importance before any industrial action can go ahead. This makes mining incredibly expensive so precision in estimates is vital. The industry thus employs some of the world's leading engineers and sharpest tools in the box.

Once the feasibility of the project has been assessed, the main investor and mining company decide whether to proceed or not.

If the decision is to go ahead, work can begin on setting up the mine and gaining access to the resources.

There are two types of mining: surface and sub-surface, the former of which is much more common. This means obtaining minerals and ores from within layers of sand, gravel, rock or other materials. Sub-surface mining requires shafts to be built for access to the minerals.

Due to the somewhat temporary nature of mining projects, the industry relies largely on temporary structures and equipment rental contracts.

Environmental Impact

A thorough environmental assessment is a requirement. Potential impacts of mining on the local terrain and wildlife include erosion, soil, groundwater and surface water contamination, sinkholes, and loss of biodiversity, and these need to be avoided.

International standards exist to try to eradicate or at least control the damage done to the environment.


Mining requires not only a lot of technical knowledge and skills, but also heavy machinery. As companies are likely to be international, they won't have access to all the necessary tools and equipment on the spot. As a result a lot of this is outsourced from other companies that specialise in the provision of technical machinery.

For excavating the land, bulldozers, drills, explosives and trucks are needed. Special materials are required to secure the shafts and build ways of getting miners and resources in and out. Often, trams and lifts are built to transport people, machinery and ore.

Since many mines are located in areas without access to national power grids, generator hire is of vital importance.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

How You Can Reduce Blog Content Scraping and Possibly Prevent It

Considering if you take our approach of lots of internal linking, adding affiliate links, rss banners and such chances are that you will reduce content scraping to good measure. If you take Jeff Starr’s suggestion of redirecting content scrapers, that too will stop those scrapers. Aside from what we have shared above, there are a few other tricks that you can use.

Full vs. Summary RSS Feed

There has been a debate in the blogging community whether to have full RSS feed or summary RSS feed. We are not going to go into much details about that debate, however one of the PROS of having a Summary Only RSS feed is that you prevent content scraping. You can change the settings by going to your WordPress admin panel and going under Settings » Reading. Then change the setting For each article in a feed show: Summary.

Note: We have full feed because we care more about our RSS readers than the spammers.

Trackback SPAM

Trackbacks and Pingbacks definitely had great uses however, they are now constantly being abused. Often themes display trackbacks and pingbacks under or among the comments. This gives the spammer an incentive to scrape your site and send trackbacks. If you mistakenly approves it, then they get a backlink and mention from your site. Here is how you can disable Trackbacks on all future posts. Here is an article that will show you how to disable trackbacks and pings on existing WordPress posts as well.

Is Content Scraping Ever Good?

It can be. If you see that you are making money from the scraper’s site, then sure it can be. If you see a lot of traffic from a scraper’s site, then it can be. In most cases however, it is not. You should always try to get your content taken off. But you will realize as your blog gets larger, it is almost impossible to keep track of all content scrapers. We still send out DMCA complaints, however we know that there are tons of other sites that are stealing our content that we just cannot keep up with.

What are your thoughts? Do you use any other mechanics to prevent content scraping? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The A B C D of Data Mining Services

If you are very new to the term 'data mining', let the meaning be explained to you. It is form of back office support services that are being offered by many call centers to analyze data from numerous resources and amalgamate them for some useful task. The business establishments in the present generation need to develop a strategy that helps them to cooperate with the market trends and allow them to perform well. The process of data mining is actually the retrieval process of essential and informative data that helps an organization to analyze the business perspectives and can further generate better interests in cutting cost, developing revenue and to acquire valuable data on business services/products.

It is a powerful analytical tool that permits the user to customize a wide range of data in different formats and categories as per their necessity. The data mining process is an integral part of a business plan for companies that need to undertake a diverse research on the customer building process. These analytical skills are generally performed by skilled industrial experts who assist the firms to accelerate their growth through the critical business activities. With a vast applicability in the present time, the back office support services with the data mining process is helping the businesses in understanding and predicting valuable information. Some of them include:

•    Profiles of customers
•    Customer buying behavior
•    Customer buying trends
•    Industry analysis

For a layman it is somewhat the process of processing some statistical data or methods. These processes are implemented with some specific tools that preform the following:

•    Automated model scoring
•    Business templates
•    Computing target columns
•    Database integration
•    Exporting models to other applications
•    Incorporating financial information

There are some benefits of Data Mining. Few of them are as follows:

•    To understand the requirements of the customers which can help in efficient planning.
•    Helps in minimizing risk and improve ROI.
•    Generate more business and target the relevant market.
•    Risk free outsourcing experience
•    Provide data access to business analysts
•    A better understanding of the demand supply graph
•    Improve profitability by detect unusual pattern in sales, claims, transactions
•    To cut down the expenses of Direct Marketing

Data mining is generally a part of the offshore back office services and outsourced to business establishments that require diverse data base on customers and their particular approach towards any service or product. For example banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, etc. require huge data base to promote their new policies. If you represent a similar company that needs appropriate data mining process then it is better that you outsource back office support services from a third party and fulfill your business goals with excellent results.

Katie Cardwell works as a senior sales and marketing analyst for a multinational call center company, based in United States of America. She takes care of all the business operations and analysis the back office support services that power an organization. Her extensive knowledge and expertise on Non -voice call center services such as Data Mining Services, Back office support services, etc, have helped many business players to stand with a straight spine and thus making a foothold in the data processing industry.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Data Mining's Importance in Today's Corporate Industry

A large amount of information is collected normally in business, government departments and research & development organizations. They are typically stored in large information warehouses or bases. For data mining tasks suitable data has to be extracted, linked, cleaned and integrated with external sources. In other words, it is the retrieval of useful information from large masses of information, which is also presented in an analyzed form for specific decision-making.

Data mining is the automated analysis of large information sets to find patterns and trends that might otherwise go undiscovered. It is largely used in several applications such as understanding consumer research marketing, product analysis, demand and supply analysis, telecommunications and so on. Data Mining is based on mathematical algorithm and analytical skills to drive the desired results from the huge database collection.

It can be technically defined as the automated mining of hidden information from large databases for predictive analysis. Web mining requires the use of mathematical algorithms and statistical techniques integrated with software tools.

Data mining includes a number of different technical approaches, such as:

  •     Clustering
  •     Data Summarization
  •     Learning Classification Rules
  •     Finding Dependency Networks
  •     Analyzing Changes
  •     Detecting Anomalies

The software enables users to analyze large databases to provide solutions to business decision problems. Data mining is a technology and not a business solution like statistics. Thus the data mining software provides an idea about the customers that would be intrigued by the new product.

It is available in various forms like text, web, audio & video data mining, pictorial data mining, relational databases, and social networks. Data mining is thus also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases since it involves searching for implicit information in large databases. The main kinds of data mining software are: clustering and segmentation software, statistical analysis software, text analysis, mining and information retrieval software and visualization software.

Data Mining therefore has arrived on the scene at the very appropriate time, helping these enterprises to achieve a number of complex tasks that would have taken up ages but for the advent of this marvelous new technology.

Our web research provides detailed information on data mining, business intelligence data mining, web data mining, online data research, web research services. We will closely work with you; we guarantee clear, focused and relevant information that meets your specifications.


Monday, 5 January 2015

Choosing Hand-Scraped Flooring for Your Home

Are you looking for a unique appearance for your floor? If you have considered adding hardwood to your home, opt for hand-scraped flooring. With a distressed appearance, hand-scraped flooring is offered by many manufacturers, from those as all-encompassing as Columbia and Mullican to specialty brands like BR 111 and Homerwood. Regardless of the brand, however, exotic and domestic species, solid and engineered flooring, and unfinished and prefinished varieties are all available hand scraped. In fact, hand scraped lock flooring is even available.

As a trend for the moment, hand-scraped flooring gives a space a rustic and aged appearance. Nevertheless, before you decide on hand-scraped hardwood, determine if you will want this look long-term in your home. For those that do, the floor may need to be refinished. Instead of sanding and adding a stain, the wood should be scraped with a Floor Abrader in order to remove the finish and keep the contours. After this, a new finish can be applied.

Sanding wears away at the unique appearance of hand-scraped flooring, but some may want to do away with it entirely years later, especially if the look goes out of style. But, be careful upfront in this regard. If you see yourself wanting to get rid of hand-scraped flooring many years down the line, add solid hardwood that can be sanded down or opt for an engineered variety that can easily be replaced. Engineered hand-scraped flooring is often distressed down to the veneers below the wear layer, and sanding it away will reveal the lower plys.

At the same time, realize that not all hand-scraped flooring is the same, and several methods are used to create aged or rustic looks. These include:

• Aging. Time worn aged and antique hand-scraped flooring are aged over time, and the resulting appearance is further accented with dark-colored staining, highlighting, and contouring.

• Physically altering the wood. Hardwood can be wire brushed to accent the grain, hand sculpted, or, for the roughest appearance available, hand hewn and rough sawn.

• French bleed. Beveled edges are deeper and highlighted with darker stain.

• Custom unfinished. Once unfinished hardwood is installed, a professional custom distresses it through bleaching, pickeling, beating with chains, or fastening with antique nails. A finish is applied once the wood is distressed.