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Monday, 5 January 2015

Choosing Hand-Scraped Flooring for Your Home

Are you looking for a unique appearance for your floor? If you have considered adding hardwood to your home, opt for hand-scraped flooring. With a distressed appearance, hand-scraped flooring is offered by many manufacturers, from those as all-encompassing as Columbia and Mullican to specialty brands like BR 111 and Homerwood. Regardless of the brand, however, exotic and domestic species, solid and engineered flooring, and unfinished and prefinished varieties are all available hand scraped. In fact, hand scraped lock flooring is even available.

As a trend for the moment, hand-scraped flooring gives a space a rustic and aged appearance. Nevertheless, before you decide on hand-scraped hardwood, determine if you will want this look long-term in your home. For those that do, the floor may need to be refinished. Instead of sanding and adding a stain, the wood should be scraped with a Floor Abrader in order to remove the finish and keep the contours. After this, a new finish can be applied.

Sanding wears away at the unique appearance of hand-scraped flooring, but some may want to do away with it entirely years later, especially if the look goes out of style. But, be careful upfront in this regard. If you see yourself wanting to get rid of hand-scraped flooring many years down the line, add solid hardwood that can be sanded down or opt for an engineered variety that can easily be replaced. Engineered hand-scraped flooring is often distressed down to the veneers below the wear layer, and sanding it away will reveal the lower plys.

At the same time, realize that not all hand-scraped flooring is the same, and several methods are used to create aged or rustic looks. These include:

• Aging. Time worn aged and antique hand-scraped flooring are aged over time, and the resulting appearance is further accented with dark-colored staining, highlighting, and contouring.

• Physically altering the wood. Hardwood can be wire brushed to accent the grain, hand sculpted, or, for the roughest appearance available, hand hewn and rough sawn.

• French bleed. Beveled edges are deeper and highlighted with darker stain.

• Custom unfinished. Once unfinished hardwood is installed, a professional custom distresses it through bleaching, pickeling, beating with chains, or fastening with antique nails. A finish is applied once the wood is distressed.


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