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Monday, 23 February 2015

Ancient Basic Tools to Green Light Laser: The Evolution of Mining

Mining is the process of extracting minerals and geological materials from the earth. Miners help recover many elements. These materials are rare as they are not grown, agriculturally processed or artificially created. Precious metals, coal, diamonds, and gold are just some of these materials. Mining also helps man to unearth non-renewable energy source like natural gas, petroleum, and even water. The job of miners can be difficult and risky. Thanks to efficient mining equipment, the task is a lot easier now.

People of the ancient time made use of the earth for many purposes. One way to make a living at the time is by mining. Equipment were not fully developed but people managed to unearth many precious stones and different kinds of metals. They use these minerals and elements in making basic tools for hunting and warfare. High quality flints found in masses of sedimentary rocks were in-demand in many parts of Europe. People used these flints as weapons during the Stone Age.

Ancient Egyptians were among the first to successfully get minerals from earth. Their advanced level of civilization made it possible for them to produce quality mining tools. They mined malachite and gold. Malachites are green stones used for pottery and as ornaments. The Egyptians started to quarry for other minerals not found in their soils. They head to Nubia, a part of Africa. There they used iron tools as mining equipment. That was the time when fire-setting was used to extract gold from ores. This method involves setting the rock containing the mineral against another rock, heat it and douse it with water. This was the most effective mining method that time.

The Romans also played an important part in the history of mining. They were the first to use large scale quarrying methods. An example of this is the application of volumes of water to operate simple machinery and remove debris. This is the birth of hydraulic mining.

The demand for metal increased dramatically in the 1300s. This was the time when swords, armors, and other weapons were in-demand. For this reason, miners looked for more sources of iron and silver. There was also an increase in the demand for coins that caused shortage of silver. Iron, on the other hand, was utilized in building constructions. With the high value of these materials, machineries and other mining equipment became in demand in the market.

These machines and equipment were the mothers of the present mining tools that we have today. Miners today use bulldozers, explosives and trucks. More advanced form of mining tools includes the use of green light laser serving as saw guides and machine alignment. With all these modern equipment, miners now have a safer and faster process to break down rocks and even carve out mountains. All these materials are produced and applied with the principles of engineering.

As of today, there are five major mining categories. They are coal, metal ore, non-metallic mineral mining, oil and gas extraction. Oil and gas extraction is among the biggest industries in the world today.

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