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Monday, 6 April 2015

Custom Web Data Scraping Service

Data scraping services help companies and individuals alike to have access to on-demand data that is scraped from the web on the basis of individual requirements. Unlike the SaaS counterparts, a data scraping service such as PromptCloud can enable you to fetch scraped data in a clean, structured data format such that you don’t need to be involved at any stage in the process except for while giving your data scraping service request and taking delivery of the final scraped data.

A data scraping service fills a very important gap in the big data context as most of the options available are either DIY (open source data scraping) or SaaS based data scraping companies which, in most cases, fail to address the majority of the needs. For instance, someone who’s looking for a service for data scraping for custom requirements, and doesn’t want anything less than 99.9% accuracy in the final scraped data, both the above options (open source or SaaS) are unfavourable. This is so because unless someone is dedicatedly looking for structure changes in the list of source pages (which happen with 40% of all websites each month), it gets almost impossible to get accuracy levels of anywhere more than 90%.

A custom service for scraping web data such as PromptCloud can be your data partner if you know what you need to scrape from the web, and can deliver the scraped data automatically to you at a desired scraping frequency (near real-time, daily, weekly, monthly etc.), in the schema containing records of choice and in a format that you desire (we do XML, CSV, XLS, JSON).

All you need to do is participate only while briefing the requirements and then taking delivery of the desired data if you use our data scraping service offering. If you wish to discuss a data scraping use case.

Source: https://www.promptcloud.com/data-scraping-service/

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