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Friday, 22 May 2015

The Features of the "Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy"

1. Systematic nature: Brief introduction to the knowledge of viscera, meridians and points in traditional Chinese medicine, theory of holographic diagnosis and treatment; preliminary discussion of the treatment and health care mechanism of scraping therapy; systemat­ic introduction to the concrete methods of the holographic meridian scraping therapy; enumerating a host of therapeutic methods of scraping for disorders in both Chinese and Western medicine to em­body a combination of disease differentiation and syndrome differen­tiation; and summarizing the health care scraping methods. It is a practical handbook of gua sha.

2. Scientific: Applying the theories of Chinese and Western medicine to explain the health care and treatment mechanism and clinical applications of scraping therapy; introducing in detail the practical manipulations, items for attention, and indications and contraindications of the scraping therapy. Here are introduced repre­sentative diseases in different clinical departments, for which scrap­ing therapy has a better curative effect and the therapeutic methods of scraping for these diseases. Stress is placed on disease differentia­tion in Western medicine and syndrome differentiation in Chinese medicine, which should be combined in practical application.

Although there are more than 140,000 kinds of disease known to modem medicine, all diseases are related to dysfunction of the 14 meridians and internal organs, according to traditional Chinese med­icine. The object of scraping therapy is to correct the disharmony in the meridians and internal organs to recover the normal bodily func­tions. Thus, the scraping of a set of meridian points can be used to treat many diseases. In the section on clinical application only about 100 kinds of common diseases are discussed, although the actual number is much more than that. For easy reference the "Index of Diseases and Symptoms" is appended at the back of the book.

3. Practical: Using simple language and plenty of pictures and diagrams to guarantee that readers can easily leam, memorize and apply the principles of scraping therapy. As long as they master the methods explained in Chapter Three, readers without any medical knowledge can apply scraping therapy to themselves or others, with reference to the pictures in Chapters Four and Five. Besides scraping therapy, herbal treatment for each disease or syndrome is explained and may be used in combination with the scraping techniques.

Referring to the Holographic Meridian Hand Diagnosis and pic­tures at the back of the book will enhance accuracy of diagnosis and increase the effectiveness of scraping therapy.

Since the first publication and distribution of the Chinese edition of the book in July 1995, it has been welcomed by both medical specialists and lay people. In March 1996 this book was republished and adopted as a textbook by the School for Advanced Studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to the Institute of the Acu­puncture and Moxibustion of the China Academy of Traditional Chi­nese Medicine.

In order to bring this health care method to more and more peo­ple and to make traditional Chinese medicine better appreciated They have modified and replenished this book in the spirit of constant im­provement. They hope that they may make a contribution to the health care of mankind with this natural therapy which has no side-effects and causes no pollution.

They hope that the Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy can help the health and happiness of more and more families in the world.

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