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Friday, 29 April 2016

Web Scraping Service Vs Web Scraping Tool – Choosing The Best

Web scraping is a rapidly emerging technique of extracting data from any web source with the intent to use it for analyzing the market trends. Different business owners adopt this method to enhance their sales and growth. They are open with different tools and services of extracting data from the internet.

Here, the major question that rises is- What is suitable between web scraping services and web scraping tools or software? The feasible answer is web scraping service as it offers comparatively more benefits that any software or tool.

Advantages of web scraping services

A thick of web scraping companies render custom-based support to the businesses in data extraction. Some of the major compelling benefits of preferring web scraping services may include:

    Lowered cost: You can conveniently save your thousands of money and man-power as these services are available at comparatively low prices.

    Accuracy in results: Unlike the data extraction software, these services render premium level of accuracy in terms of results. The leading companies of web services ensure that they deliver exact outcomes to you as per your need through their services.

    Instant outcomes: It only takes maximum time duration of 3 to 4 hours to generate valuable information about any database by acquiring the services of reputed web scraping company. You can avail the advantage of time over market on your competitors.

Drawbacks of using web scraping tools

    Using data extraction software accompanies certain drawbacks with it that may include:
    Difficulty in data extraction from multifaceted websites.
    Difficulty in extracting huge bulk of data.
    It is comparatively a slower process than a service provider.
    Several sites have well-defined policies for screen scraping.

Summary: While making a comparison between web scraping tools and services, you may arrive at the conclusion that the services are much more beneficial, reliable, and efficient than the major tools.
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